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Training House True Hearts NLP Finland Ltd.  is established 2002 and after lot of trainings, few name changes and years the company has grown to the training house of  NLP professionals with the same vision and similar missions in Finland.

The founder and the owner of the company is Reetta Vanhanen MD, Senior NLP Master Trainer and Coach.

Reetta Vanhanen

Reetta Vanhanen


Lasse Seppänen

Other partners are Lasse Seppänen, Senior Trainer and a Coach and Susanna Knuuttila,  Next Generation NLP Trainer and Coach . Erna Kasterinne, Yoga-Teacher, Health Coach, Eeva Lehto, Next Generation NLP Trainer, Psychotherapist, Marja Tikkanen, The coordinator, Trainer. All together we are team of 6 persons.

Susanna Knuuttila

Susanna Knuuttila

True Hearts  is your partner in the search of balanced leadership, professional well-being and personal growth. We succeed with our clients because we are true in our hearts: we do our job with passion, love and humanity. That is the key to getting the right results and inspiring people! We are the leading NLP Training House in Finland: we use NLP tools and methods in a professional way and with experience. 

Eeva www

Eeva Lehto

Erna Kasterinne

Erna Kasterinne


Marja Tikkanen

Our Mission

is to create the world where people can bee seen and heard the way they are, genuine themselves, their channel open so their life force is with them.

Our vision

is to act as trainers and coaches in the field of NLP in any context it is needed. True Hearts NLP Finland Ltd. is a team of professionals with the same vision, similar missions who are constantly striving to be their authentic and genuine selves so as to be examples for others to do the same and by doing that generate a learning community that people want to join to learn, be a best versions of themselves, grow and contribute.

Our values

Passion, humanity and love

Our target

is to act in these roles as professionals as possible by investing our own on-going in-house and international trainings to produce highquality services to our clients in Finland and abroad.

We are part of following Internation NLP Networks:

ARA, Global NLP Network
Global training and consulting community NLPU

We work globally and our international contacts and prefered partners can also be found in these pages.

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The future is bright!