NLP-Intro (in English), 26.01.2018

NLP-Intro (in English), 26.01.2018

Pvm: 26.01.2018
Klo 17.30 - 20.00

True Hearts koulutustilat, Helsinki
Malminkaari 5
00700 Helsinki

NLP-intro is a free introduction event to all who are interested in NLP (neuro linguistic programming), what it is and how it works and what you can do with it.

During the evening, you will get an overview to the concept of Next Generation NLP and will learn more about our NLP Practitioner course.

NLP is a set of tools for communication, personal change and development. During the course you learn skills that help you and others to go through a desired change process in a gentle, respectful and ethical manner.

True Hearts is the pacemaker of Next Generation NLP in Finland. Next Generation NLP includes new thinking, techniques, models, ideas and actions. It combines earlier generations of NLP all together in one set where also the higher logical levels of us is taken into consideration: values, beliefs, identity and spirit. Come and find out more about Next Generation NLP with us!

We have investigated what generally characterizes a person who has taken a Inge’s NLP Practitioner:

  • Improved communication skills
  • Ability to meet challenges with curiosity and energy to work constructively
  • Open, honest and equal approach in dialogue
  • Not afraid of conflict
  • They have a positive impact on the atmosphere among colleagues
  • They take fewer days off work due to illness or stress
  • Experience happiness and satisfaction in everyday life
  • Collaborate with many different types of people
  • Experience increased self-esteem
  • Are in touch with their own values, ethics and have an easy way to express themselves and set boundaries
  • Know themselves – both the strong and the weak sides – and are more in balance
  • Work better under pressure and change

We take limited amount of registrations for this event and places will be filled in the order of registration. Act soon to reserve your place. Register here!

Time of the intro: 26.1.2017 at 17:30-20

Place: True Hearts training center, Malminkaari 5, 4th floor, 00700 Helsinki

Price: The event is free of charge

Watch online:

You can also watch this event online. If you live in Finland we really recommend that you will attend the real event in Helsinki but if you are unable to come you can join our webinar. Register here for the webinar!

Webinar will start same time than the real event. (17:30, Helsinki timezone, gmt +2)


Intro-event will be facilitated by Next Generation NLP-trainer:

Inge Grethe Ludvigsen

Inge Grethe Ludvigsen

Inge educates professionally in coaching, psychotherapy, facilitation and consultancy.

Inge began studying NLP in 1992 and Jungian Analytic Therapy, Infant Therapy and SandPlay in 2002. Today she is combining these methods in her work to process the entire human system in the most successful way. She has been a trainer since 1996 and has worked as a professional therapist and whole-life coach since 1997.

Inge inspires people around the world and gives trainings internationally (Finland, Holland, Chile, Canada, USA). Inge lives in Denmark and has her own company Yes2Life there.

Inge´s mission is to create a loving and creative environment, where people can nurture the soul – to create beauty, healing and growth. We all deserve to have a good life.