NLP Practitioner certification with Janet Woodjetts, Helsinki, 17.1.2019 – 12.05.2019

Pvm: 17.01.2019
Klo 9.00 - 16.30

NLP training in finland with Janet Woodjetts

Congratulations! So, you are interested in NLP training to become an NLP Practitioner?

You may already know about NLP; you may not know anything but are curious to find out more or perhaps a friend or colleague has just finished their training and suggests that you would be interested. Whatever the reason, you will be very welcome to join us on this five module training.

What is NLP?

To quote Robbie Steinhouse, NLP is a set of concepts and tools designed and proven to increase personal effectiveness

Working from the presupposition that mind and body are one system, you will explore a model of how the brain works, how the language we use represents our individual construction of reality and how with this awareness we have the choice of communicating more effectively with ourselves and others. That is to create new and more resourceful programming.

No matter what line of business you are in, understanding how you and your teams can improve performance and outcomes through self-awareness, improved communication skills and identifying negative patterns (or programmes as they are called in NLP jargon) is key to both personal and business growth.

What is an NLP Practitioner?

The clue is in the title! To attain the status of Certified Practitioner, you will be learning, practising and continually building new skills during the modules and through application in your work and personal life. Our training is experiential so you will have plenty of chance to work with other students to hone your skills in an inspirational and fun learning environment.

You will be supported by experienced NLP professionals and NLP graduates each of whom have studied and continue to practice and develop their learning.

Learn more about Janet and NLP:

Free introduction to NLP, 26.10.

Janet is offering a free NLP Introduction in Helsinki at 26.10. Read more and register to this free event here.

Janet’s webinar and article about NLP:

We held webinar 4th May 2018 before Janet’s previous NLP Practitioner training. You can still watch it and learn more about NLP, Janet and upcoming training. You can watch recording of the webinar here. We are also publishing new and fresh webinar soon!

Here you can read Janet’s last article about using NLP in business: How NLP is useful in a business environment?

What will I learn in NLP Practitioner training?

Here is just a sample of key module content.

Module 1 – An introduction to NLP. The history and ongoing development; Rapport, Sensory Acuity, Outcome Focus and Flexibility; Pacing and Leading plus important models including
The Logical Levels and The Meta Model. Representational Systems, Language Patterns and Well-Formed Outcomes.

Module 2 – Submodalities, States and Anchoring; Mental Imagery and Learning; Ecology; Decision Making Strategies.

Module 3 – Timelines; Archetypes; Beliefs and Values; working with Metaphors; Life Scripts and Life Positions; The Milton Model; Rescripting;

Module 4 –  Limiting Beliefs and The Belief Change Cycle; Letting go and Releasing Enmeshment; Chunking and Frames and Reframes; Ethical Practice; Final assessment and certification process.

Is there an exam?

In order to attain your certification, the course content is delivered over a period of 16 days training face-to-face training with your NLPU Certified Trainer. Full attendance on all days is required for you to learn, absorb, practice and become competent in your knowledge and application. There will be ongoing assessment during each module and a final certification assessment to be taken at the end of module 5.

We want you to be rightly proud of your achievement and your new skills and believe that by having the opportunity to feel tested and stretched you will. While assessment for certification is important to maintain the credibility of NLP and your practitioner qualification, we are quite confident that you will enjoy the process. If you have any questions or concerns then please speak with us. We don’t want anything to stand in the way of your development and learning experience.


NLP training in finland with Janet Woodjetts

Janet Woodjetts

Janet has more than 25 years of training and personal, team and business development experience.

She is an NLPU (NLP University, Santa Cruz, CA, USA) certified NLP Trainer and Consultant, Performance Coach, Executive Coach and Leadership Mentor, Language Behaviour Profile Practitioner, Learning Coach and Coach Supervisor, Janet is also a Member of the Institute of Leadership and Management.

She has delivered training and coaching both nationally and internationally and uses her unique mix of commercial skills and NLP and coaching skills to ensure balanced and motivational training and coaching.

She understands the barriers to reaching potential and works with people to allow them to understand why their own beliefs might be holding them back.

Janet has studied with some of the masters in the world of NLP and Generative Coaching including Robbie Steinhouse (NLP School London), Robert Dilts, Judith De Lozier, Stephen Gilligan and Judith Lowe.

More information about Janet:
Janet’s web page:
NLP School London: 


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Daily training schedule: 09:00-16:30


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