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The X and Why of Creativity

Creativity is different things to different people. For me, that’s the pure joy of it. If you ask an actor to describe ‘creativity’ you may get a different answer than if you asked an HR Manager. Both will have different descriptions, and both will be right for them. As a psychotherapist and a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) trainer I know that every human being has their own unique way of looking at the world, and for me that is something to be celebrated as part of what it is to be human.

If you then accept the fact that there is no right or wrong way to “be creative” then you can start to look at each individual as being able to become a Creative Genius! It’s just a matter of helping people tap into their own creative resources. Furthermore, creativity does not just belong to ‘artistic’ people: it is something that we can all have in our business and personal lives. Ask yourself what could you do if you had more creativity in your life? What would become possible?

In the UK, my company ‘Be More Creative’ works with people on both a one-to-one basis and in teams to look at how they can harness their creativity. People have reported that, once they begin to connect to it, it’s like turning on a tap. Even if we worked together on a business project they find that it permeates all areas of their life.

We developed our workshop “the x and why of creativity” over a two year period as a result of our corporate trainings and my one-to-one therapeutic work. The course is designed to help you have a really clear ‘map’ of what it is for you to be creative. We connect you to your creative at it’s higher level, and show you how you can be your own best coach to bring more creativity into your world. We also look at the relationship you have with creativity, and help you transform any blocks or obstacles that you may have in your relationship with it. Once you have a clear sense of both your creative state and a better relationship with your creativity this is when we offer ways to enhance and expand your creative journey. We utilise the similarities and differences between people and give you a chance to explore another person’s creative map. We pose the question: “What can you learn from someone else?”; “What would it be like for a designer to think like a dancer? A lawyer to think like an artist? And visa versa”. Exploring other people’s maps of creativity gives you the opportunity to expand your own journey, learning new ways for you to be creative and for that to be able to be manifested in your own world.

Co-Facilitating the workshop and collaborating with me is as an amazing trainer and coach; Dido Fisher. Dido and I have been working together on and off for twenty or so years. She is also an established horse whisperer, using the relationship between humans and animals for therapy, having worked with the famous Monty Roberts for a number of years. She has had a long-term interest in creativity and has led workshops and lectures at the Creative Problem Solving Institute Conference, 2003 and 2004, and at the European Association for Creativity and Innovation, 2004 and 2005.

We hope to see you at the workshop in Finland!

Best regards,

Jonathan Goldsmith

Jonathan Goldsmith is London-based Contemporary Psychotherapist and NLP and Creativity Trainer.

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