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NLP Master Trainer and founder of True Hearts Finland, Reetta Vanhanen, got her latest degree in the US where she attended the NLP Master Trainer Robert Dilts (NLPU) at the University of California Santa Cruz 2009. 2012 She were in NLPU/ NLP Trainer as resourse person.

Reetta Vanhanen established her first company in 2002 and today True Hearts is a team of professionals with the same vision, similar missions and who are constantly striving to be their authentic and genuine selves so as to be examples for others to do the same.

True Hearts and Reetta Vanhanen are part of following Internation NLP Networks:

ARA, Global NLP Network ( Rody De Angelis/ Argentina, Catherine Herraro/ France, Peter-Jan Donders/ Netherlands,  Reetta Vanhanen)

Global training and consulting community NLPU

Copyright/ Authorization / NLPU Robert Dilts & Judith DeLozier
Reetta has also copyright/ authorization for NLPU NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner Materials since 2012

True Hearts condacts NLP Trainings and Coaching as well b to b trainings in Finland and in addition also international trainings and workshops together with its partners from the NLP family around the world.

True Hearts co-operation with Yellow Sky Ltd gives them over 25 years experience from the travel trade and with this expertise they have the unique possibility to do trainings and manage events also beyond the borders of Finland.



Our International contacts and partners can also be found in these pages.

Watch this site for more information in the future. The future is bright!


Reetta Vanhanen, NLP Master Trainer
True Hearts
Malminkaari 5, 00700 Helsinki
tel. +358 20 728 9630, +358 50 589 0129
E-mail: reetta.vanhanen@truehearts.fiThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it